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Logic Hop Referrer Link Tests

You can use the following links to test how various types of referrers and page source values are handled by Logic Hop.

  1. Open this page in an incognito window to create a new session
  2. Click a link below to see the values at demo.logichop.com
  3. Close all incognito windows to clear the session before trying another link

Empty Referrer Value

It is important to note that it is very possible to have an empty Referrer value. This can occur when the user:

  • Entered the site URL in their browser address bar
  • Switched from a HTTPS URL to a HTTP URL
  • Clicked on a link with rel=”noreferrer”
  • Visited the site from a browser-maintained bookmark
  • Visited the site as first page in the window/tab
  • Clicked a link in an external application
  • Is behind a proxy which strips the referrer from all requests
  • Has security software installed which strips the referrer
  • Visited the site programmatically without setting the referrer header