Super Creature Showdown

Super Creature Showdown for Echo & Alexa is a game where super creatures battle, & your math skills find the winner!

Super Creature Showdown tests your math skills in a fun, 3 round battle to determine each creature’s Strength, Speed and Smarts. In each round you answer by saying which creature had the greater score. In the 4th, and final, Showdown round you add up the scores for each round and say the winning creature’s score. At the end of each game a fun fact is revealed about the Showdown winner.

To play, just say “Alexa, enable Super Creature Showdown!” on any Amazon Alexa device.

Super Creature Showdown was created by Michael, Katie and Jack Newman and entered in the #AmazonAlexaSkillsChallengeKids competition where it has been selected as one of 20 finalists out of 470 entries!