Blink through what’s trending!
Entertainment, sports, news, shopping, social networks & more.

Blinkset is an App and website that presents real-time trending content as rapid-fire imagery. Images, called Blinks, appear onscreen for a brief amount of time, measuring in milliseconds. Users control their Blink Speed and direction as they speed through content. Each Blink included contextual information and can the origin content can be explored in more detail.

Blinkset Features:

  • Real-time Updates
  • Link Instagram to View Your Friends
  • Link Pinterest to View Your Boards
  • Customize Your Experience
  • Amazon, Twitch, Etsy & Much More!

Pomp Productions conceptualized, designed and developed Blinkset as in internal project to showcase our rapid prototyping and MVP development process. The concept was brought to life in three months and featured pre-launch on TechCrunch and Hunted on Product Hunt.

Blinkset is built on Amazon AWS and leverages ELB load balancing, EC2 Servers, RDS Databases, CloudFront CDN, SES Email and Route 53 DNS. Automation routines run on dedicated EC2 Servers to provide near real-time content updates.

Blinkset is available for iPhone and as a mobile responsive website at

Blinkset is Patent Pending.