People of PepsiCo

Pomp Productions worked with PepsiCo and Protagonist to design and develop the People of PepsiCo Mobile Web App to celebrate PepsiCo’s 50th anniversary. The App was released in 2015 to over 272,000 PepsiCo employees worldwide with multilingual support for 10 languages including Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Thai.

The App features photo and video capture from mobile devices and also functions as a responsive website where users can search, like and share photos.

A custom CMS includes multiple user levels and multilingual support. Admins moderate and sequence content and have access to custom data reports.

Pomp provides managed hosting in the cloud through Amazon Web Services which incorporate CloudFront CDN, ElasticCache, RDS and load balanced EC2 instances across multiple availability zones. Pomp worked closely with PepsiCo’s security team to ensure the App passes security audits.