Ultimate Maker Vehicle

On October 24th, 2013 I responded to a post on the MAKE Blog looking for makers interested in modifying vehicles. Mid-day on October 28th I was extremely excited to receive an acceptance email into the Ultimate Maker Vehicle Challenge! MAKE had partnered with Ford to commission select makers to submit their original designs for modifying the Ford Transit Connect into an Ultimate Maker Vehicle. Design submissions were due on October 31st.

10/28–10/31 = 3.5 days

After carefully reading the rules I headed off to the local Ford dealership. Although the 2014 Transit’s had yet to be delivered, the salesperson was more than happy to let me check out the 2013 model – I kicked the tires, shot some photos and took some measurements. The Transit has a ton of interior space, and I left very inspired to get to work on my concept.

3.5 sleepless days later I had my design wrapped up and ready to go. Was it perfect? No. Was it awesome? Yes!

A giant video game on wheels, without video! AND a mini-mobile-maker lab.

My design was one of ten selected for the public viewing and voting round of the contest. The other designs were very cool and I was really proud to be part of the challenge.

My design received tremendous support from friends and family, and although I finished in 6th place based on votes, I count myself as a winner for getting to be part of such an great event. Ford even used my illustration as the lead-off image for the contest on the Transit Blog!

My full entry can be viewed on the MAKE Blog.

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