Grip Solid® Viral Video

It’s the Holy Grail of online advertising – The elusive “Viral Video”. In the Summer of 2012 we set out to capture exactly that for the Grip Solid® Golf Training Aid.

With lofty goals, a low budget and our minds in the gutter we compiled a list of what makes a successful viral video – Sex, explosions and kittens. The planet was abuzz with Fifty Shades of Grey and, without access to any kittens, Extreme Golf Training was conceived.

If you want tact, call a tactician. If you want a dungeon, call a dominatrix.

After casting a great group of talent, we promptly hired Mistress Justine Cross as a consultant and booked her facility, Dungeon West, for the shoot. We then got to work creating golf themed dominatrix props and filming exterior shots on the golf course. The dungeon shoot was a blast, and despite the painful looking props, no one got hurt. As we edited the final cut, it was clearly a winner.

The phone number in opening titles was setup with an elaborate series of voiceover menu options. The video was uploaded to YouTube and seeded online. And the rest is history.

The video quickly hit 200k views and created quite a buzz in the golf community. Oh, and apparently there’s a market for those golf themed props…