Food Network Great Food Truck Race Sweepstakes

The Great Food Truck Race Giveaway was a micro-site experience to promote the Food Network TV Series. The website featured multiple phases:

  • Phase 1. Users nominated their favorite food trucks
  • Phase 2. Nominated food truck owners uploaded their truck photos and information
  • Phase 3. Users voted on their favorite food trucks

The experience integrated Google Maps in a unique mechanism to sort and display food trucks by regions. Users were able to vote via website and SMS messages. During the course of the campaign the website received over 1.5 million votes, of which more than 50k were submitted via SMS. The website included Twitter feeds from the food trucks, Facebook sharing and real-time leaderboards.

Pomp Productions was contracted by Team Digital to build the front-end functionality, Google Maps, Twitter and share integration, as well as the full database development and SMS voting integration.